I focus mainly on Google technologies (GMP & GCP) & R programming (Shiny & Quarto). Services listed below include setting up & configuring GA4 properties. I also configure and develop GTM & BigQuery and Looker Studio. Deeper data analysis can include a Shiny or Looker Studio app and/or an RMarkdown/Quarto document sourced from reproducible code.

Additionally, I offer services involving relational database systems (MySQL, SQL Server & Oracle), data engineering (ETL pipelines) & reporting systems (Looker Studio, Power BI & Tableau).

Please contact me (da***@da*********.com) or set up an appointment ( to discuss service options in detail.

Digital Analytics & Data Setup Services

Data Collection Review/Set-up 

Set-up of data collection and storage if not configured or needs adjustment/augmentation. This may mean working with IT to facilitate proper collection, storage and retrieval in platforms and databases. 

Marketing Mix Analysis

Review of Marketing & Ecommerce campaigns:

  • Data Collection
  • Performance
  • Spend

KPI/Goal Strategy & Set-up

Deciding on business KPIs can be confusing and difficult, but can also be critical to your business. Properly collecting and storing the data can be challenging as well. I will help you to identify proper KPIs and set-up collection methods.

Dashboard Creation

Creating a dashboard that can be easily viewed, as well as understood, is important to the success of using a data-driven methodology. I will create Looker Studio dashboards that will include the KPI/Goals and the key contributors to these numbers.  

Monthly Digital Analysis & Data Science Services

Custom Analysis

Beyond a simple dashboard, ongoing analysis can provide insights, in addition to the basic numbers. Opportunities can be uncovered through digging into the data, identifying trends, and understanding the impact of various campaigns. From these monthly analysis, you will gain a better, as well as more detailed, understanding of your business on an ongoing basis from which you are able to act.

A/B Test Analysis

It is always best practice to calculate the statistics separately from the platform, as well as looking beyond the goal of the A/B test, to understand if/how other KPI/Goals may have been impacted. I will provide analysis of A/B tests and help to properly set-up tests.  

Ongoing Marketing Mix Analysis

It is important to regularly review your digital campaigns, as well as have a targeted optimization strategy. This would take into account the customer journey, goals, landing pages, ROI, CTR and conversion rate. I will review your marketing mix on a regular basis and report on performance as well as recommendations. 

Data Modeling

Modeling data allows prediction and correlation of data variables. This can be important in understanding a customer’s lifetime value, prediction of future revenues, the level of product awareness, multi-channel analysis, as well as many more answers to business questions that are hard to answer through data analysis alone. As a monthly engagement, I’ll help lay out a plan to model data that makes the greatest measurable impact on the organization. 

Some of the deeper analysis that can be done through modeling (standard statistics/Machine Learning):

  • KPI Forecasting
  • Digital Media Mix Modeling
  • Customer Behavior, Segmentation & LTV
  • Creation of Lookalike Models
  • Demographic/Psychographic Analysis

Other Data Services

One-time Deep Data Analysis 

Sometimes you just need a single deep dive into a dataset beyond anything currently provided. A one-time deep data analysis can provide you insights into a given dataset that can be leveraged in your business. In addition, a deep dive into your data can help you find opportunities for the future.

Custom Analytics App

Shiny apps are designed to be deployed relatively easily, with the focus on the analysis/modeling. However, these are best used for sophisticated models and graphing or custom analysis that cannot be done through a platform like Looker Studio.

You may have models you would like to see in production or there is a separate dataset that you would like to build some customized interactive graphing on top of. A custom Shiny app can achieve that goal as well.

Shiny App Hosting

I can host Shiny apps designed for a limited time (3 months) for free. However, it is better to set up your own hosting account for Shiny apps designed to be up for the foreseeable future. I will set that up for you, with most only needing a $99/mo. billing account (charges may vary).

Learn more about me on LinkedIn and check out my GitHub repository. Make an appointment with me on Calendly if you want to talk to me about your needs.